This Is Who
We Are

This Is Who
We Are

Paradox Heart

We’re truly proud of the road our team has paved and as we look ahead, the view is exceptional, grand, and yes - totally out of this world!

The secret to our success lies in the creativity, professionalism, and genuine care of our team. Our all-round holistic approach to doing business, and our distinct idea to reality process provides a solid foundation for our everyday people to do what they do best - what they love!

For Us, Work Is Fun

What we do is really special, and it’s a heck of a good time too!

We have always been a team of people who cared about each other, about our locations, exhibits, designs, and all the fine details. We are a global brand, but we don’t see ourselves as corporate; we’re everyday people, just like you. We love to celebrate our team, our efforts, our achievements, and then share it all with you!

01 Designs, Product and Development

Designs, Product and Development

All that you see, hear, feel and touch in our museums has been thoughtfully created and mindfully placed by this team of magicians.

Working in Paradox is like being on a rollercoaster ride. It has its ups and downs, but with every turn there is something new and exciting coming your way.

Ivona Jurković
Designs, Product & Development Director



These are the people who bring our paradoxical creativity to life.

Everything we do is innovative, powered by science and technology, and really just blow-your-mind incredible! We don’t just create exhibits, we design stories that tantalise the mind to experience the impossible!

Working in Paradox Museum is a paradox itself: It consists in spending time talking with our guests, which in other jobs shouldn’t be prioritized.

Nadine Pescoller
Floor Manager, Paradox Museum Oslo

At Paradox everyday there is something that makes me stop and think again, to challenge the ordinary. We work hard as a diverse team to make our lives simpler.

George Youngdahl
Regional Operations Manager US

Professionally, you are constantly growing and evolving. Personally, you are surrounded with the type of knowledge, and passion that inspires you to do things that matter.

Angeliki Argyropoulou
Finance Manager

It is our campaign for domination in the experiential entertainment world, which will win all the smiles and puzzle the minds.

Dominikos Nikoloudakis
Finance Associate

Paradox is a continuous challenge. Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.

Dimitris Skandalis
Supply Chain Coordinator

Working at Paradox is always so much fun; you can hear crazy and unrealistic ideas through several discussions that will later come alive!

Argyris Papaioannou
Franchise Marketing Specialist

Paradox team is not a group of people that work together. Paradox team is a group of people that trust each other.

George Lyrakis
IT & Digital Services Assistant

Working for paradox is exciting. I feel motivated to face any challenge, together with my colleagues. We all feel included. Teamwork is the source of our power.

Konstantina Tziola
Financial Controller

Paradox is like a second name of life, working with it means facing life every day: hard to predict, not easy to understand, impossible to stop, but also nice to watch, enjoy and live it!

Kseniia Liubchyk
Boutique Manager, Paradox Museum Oslo

Working at Paradox is different but in a good way!

Sara Uhlving Hansen
Sales Manager, Paradox Museum Oslo

Career Ops

Career Ops

Let’s get acquainted!

We believe in the value of passionate people united. If your story aligns with this and you’d like to embrace the Paradox vision as your own, then take a moment to browse our career page.