August 15, 2022 Partnerships & Sponsorships

Paradox Museum Oslo meets the Coca Cola Company!

Coca Cola X Paradox Museum Oslo
Two amazing brands came together and wrote their own story!

Our visitors had the chance to experience for 10 days the most unique taste of Paradox Museum together with Coca-Cola. They were challenged to interpret and describe the experience of Coca-Cola without sugar!

This activation played on experiences, taste, and art among Paradox Museum’s optical illusions. All the visitors were encouraged to challenge their senses and creativity in interaction with the taste of Coca-Cola – they got taste samples, and in line with the exhibition’s theme, #NoWords, they were encouraged to characterize and illustrate the taste without words on social media.

With its unique, experience-based concept, Paradox Museum is a perfect partner to give to its people this kind of experience.

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