More Than An
Entertainment Venue

More Than An
Entertainment Venue

It’s All In The Name

It’s All In The Name

Meaning ‘contrary to expectation’ or ‘incredible’ in ancient Greek, the word paradox has come to mean opposite or contradictory to common sense. Essentially, genuine paradoxes are things that if true, are false, and if false, are true - they make you think again.

This is who we are and how we came to be. Looking back over our history, a logical response would be ‘but how?’ and yet here we are —> bursting with inspiration, growing in strength, and all-the-while mesmerising audiences across the globe!

It is a Paradox. It doesn’t feel like working really but rather creating, collaborating, exploring, innovating and thinking again, in an environment that thanks to its people and vibes it "mesmerises" you!

Harris Douros

Paradox Museum is a global brand acknowledged as one of the most innovative spaces in the field of experiential entertainment.

We’re all about creating engaging, fun, and educational experiences that touch the hearts and minds of our visitors; we offer new perspectives that invite you to defy reality and think again!

A global brand

A global brand

With Core Values


We’re as inclusive as it gets, because we all come as we are, and we welcome you, as you!


Is a state of mind.
For us, it’s homeostasis.


We think like there is no box;
In that non existent universe outside the box; That black hole space where nothing exists, but everything comes to life.


To ourselves,
To you
To each other.


Is our backbone;
We simply can’t live without each other!


We educate.
We entertain.
We make memories.
We give fun!

Our People

Our People

Nothing is more important than a great team!

Even though we’re all around the world, at the Paradox Museum we’re one. And everything that we do is a reflection of the care and passion of our people.